Happy [late] New Year guys! I’m back and excited as ever to get back to blogging! Todays post is inspired by my current February read in addition to my current Executive promotion. I have a deep inspiration and admiration for Girl Bosses! Women who work hard for success, strive to be great and empower their fellow female peers along the way.

Some of my favorite girl bosses whom I follow on Instagram as well are @koereyelle (Confessions of a Werkaholic podcast curator) @shesofly (House of Chic L.A. entrepreneur) @myleik (Curlbox entrepreneur) @oprah (Producer, Talk show host, philanthropist and actress) @girlboss (Sophia Amoruso, founder and Executive Chairman of Nasty Gal). These are some of my favs just to name a few.

As I scroll threw my Instagram page daily (@missrutledge) I always take a minute to check out great post and videos from the lovely ladies. As women we have to empower each other, motivate and inspire for a successful girl power unity. These ladies share so many powerful business strategies, tips for success and what I admire most is that they quit 9 to 5 jobs to become very successful entrepreneurs. 

We as women have to learn that women getting together does not always entail negativity such as “shade, tea, drama, etc.) but lifting each other, collaborating with one another and rising together. I am so excited to start this new read and jot down inspirational messages as I go along.

Please feel free to follow me on Instagram, recommend more great books, blogs, podcast curators, etc. Thanks for tuning in and feel free to share your thoughts on the book if you’ve read it as well. #Girlboss #girlpower #successstory #motivation #inspire #inspiration #success #motivate 


No Makeup, Makeup Essentials

Hello and happy summer! It has mbeen a whole season or two since my last post! I had to do and update on my minimal summer makeup & glow look. Many may already know that I am an avid lover of Youtube makeup Tutorials and some of my faves are Ambrosia Malbrough, Tiarra Monet, and Jackie Aina just to name a few! 

I have seen so many videos on “minimal or no makeup makeup” looks and OMG they have been all wrong. No makeup makeup really should not consist of a full face beat, contour, primers, etc. it’s just too much!!! Lol 

On a lighter note when I think of summer makeup and no makeup makeup I think of light and easy not to mention a glowy natural look. So just to share a few here are my favorite essentials for a summertime flawless glow with minimal makeup! 

Clinique Turnaround Glow moisturizer in Rosy Glow purchased via Sephora 

Clinique Sunscreen SPF 50 facial cream via Sephora 

Mac Sunblessed lipstick, Mac False Lash Mascara and MAC Deception  eyeshadow purchased via Nordstrom Anniversary sale’s MAC Look In A Box: Sunblessed Makeup box

MAC Peachblossom lipstick is also one of my go to lippie’s with my natural lip as it adds just a slight shimmer to your natural liptone 

When I opt for a more natural summer flawless skin look with foundation or summer night out look I add a little foundation, smokey smudge to the eye and lip concealer for a perfect lip.

Marc Jacobs Genius Gel in Medium Dark via Sephora and Marc Jacobs the Face I foundation brush also purchased at Sephora

MAC Lip Concealer in Dim 

 MAC Prolongwear Fluidline in BlackTrack 

I hope this is helpful for those of you trying to figure out the perfect essentials to flawless minimal to zero summer makeup for glowy and natural face beats. 

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DIY Manicure/Pedicure

Ladies you ever want to save a few coins in between mani/pedi’s or simply just  do it yourself, or even when you don’t have the time to take a trip to the nail salon??? Well this post is to simply rescue you with a run down of how I do the perfect manicure and/or pedicure right from home!  A few things you may need could surprisingly already be on your shelves and if not trust me you can find them for cheap. Here are a few things I used for the perfect salon worthy mani/pedi at home!  

 You will need….

  1. Cuticle Remover
  2. Nail polish remover
  3. Top/base coat
  4. Nail color of choice 
  5. Exfoliator (to rid dead skin)
  6. Lotion (to moistuize)
  7. Cuticle oil (moisturize cuticles after removing dead skin)
  8. File/buffer
  9. Manicure tools

The shea moisture argan oil and raw shea exfoliator and lotion is the absolute best! The scrub adds moisture to the skin while also removing dead skin and the lotion is very rich and adds the best moisture to those winter damaged hands. After you have soaked those hands and filed, shaped, scrubed and moisturized them then you can add you base coat followed by your nail color and a layer of top coat to smooth it out.  

 My nail color of choice was OPI’s Great Opera•tunity. Its a great nude shade for any skin tone with hints of deep peach/salmon/ pink, its my fave of all the colors I have because it blends so well with my skin tone and I can go with it in any season!  

 Well I hope you ladies have enjoyed this tutorial/DIY idea and feel free to update me on your diy mani/pedi’s! xoxoxo

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Indoor Winter Essentials 

So on this brisk Saturday evening of 18 degrees here in Chicago….some if us brave the cold and some us hide indoors! Well I pretty much chose to hide indoors with a Pepsi, Junior Mints and Popcorn! Oh and BBQ for dinner (yummmmm). I know….sounds fatting right? Well today is my cheat day so don’t judge me guys…

Meanwhile, here are a few things that I choose for entertainment this evening while I cozy up on the couch. I absolutely love this 3 wick candle from Bath & Body Works ‘Hawaii’ collection…wish I could have got my hands on the ‘Italy’ scent before it sold out during the Christmas season but this scent definitely does the trick for a relaxing evening. Although I read alot of blahhhh reviews about Goldfinch and how it was a drastically painful neverending story [lmao] I chose it anyway so we’ll see how this goes! And also as a Fashion Blogger it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t read up Spring’s hottest fashion right? Hope you guys enjoy this post oh and I will be doing a review on the book once I’m done as well as my other books I’ve read during my book challenge!  #fashion #winteressentials #Goldfinch #InStyle #Hawaii #bathandbody 


Outfit For Less: Banana Republic & J.Crew 

Soooo I am an avid lover of sales wether it be grocery, retail, dining, anything!!!!!! I am all the way here for the great deals I have been getting since Christmas. With the season somewhat coming to an end retailers ridding their winter selections, etc I have caught some great deals. This week during my weekly venture to Banana Republic I scored a Coat Cardigan for $39.99 with an (drum roll please) add’l 60% off that sale price, I also scored a Mens denim shirt on sale for $21.99 with an add’l 60% off. I mean seriously who can pass steals like this considering the fact I saved over $100 on these items alone. I also scored a pair of Tux leggings with leather piping from J.Crew that I have been stalking all season for a sale price of $69 with an add’l 50% off. A complete outfit for under $75!!!! Lately I have been transforming my wardrobe with new statement pieces, wardrobe essentials, etc. Here are a few things I grabbed this week out of the many 50-60% off items I’ve scored since Christmas. (I love clearance racks)  

 Mixed Stitch Sweater Coat via Banana Republic in-store $69.99 + add’l 60% off sale price

Denim Shirt via Banana Republic in store $21.99 + add’l 60% off Sale price  

Lastly J.Crew Tux leggings with Leather detail $69.99 + add’l 50% off sale price 

 Be sure to check out my closet for sale items and great prices on poshmark @summerof83 for items in my closet that I’m parting with as I update and reinvent my wardrobe!  #bananarepublic #outfitforless #style #jcrew #fashion

Book Challenge Haul- Lunar Chronicles & more

Recently I’ve been hauling books for my challenge goal, not to mention that I love collecting books (nerdy) I know but hey I love reading when I’m in the mood. I absolutely failed my January reading challenge don’t judge me though. LOL

I definitely plan to do better and be consistent with February’s challenge! I recently purchased the Lunar chronicles during my book haul this month which I am dying to read and some more AMAZING bargain book deals at Barnes & Noble.  Check out my books for January these should last me all year for reading not to mention there are plenty genres based on my book challenge list (see previous post for list) feel free to join me!  

 This collection above is 3 out of 5 of the Lunar Collection which is the sci-fi based series of the old time fairy tales of Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty. I actually gained interest in this set from Amerie’s (R&B singer) youtube channel she is an avid book collector and youtuber which is interesting for a celebrity. 

  The Witches Salem 1692 was another one of my wish listed must reads included in my January book based which is based on the Salem Witch trials and executions. (Weird read right?) It seemed to be really interesting based on the summary.  
 Also included in my Barnes and Noble book haul was this Zane book for $5 I mean hey ladies every now and then you got to read a good steamy Zane book to get your life!  

 And last but not least I have two more from my Barnes and Noble haul for collection both for drum roll please….$6 which I mean come on hardcover book run $25-$30 so soending that much on 5-6 books altoghether is definitely a great deal!! Check out these last two one by my favorite authors Erric Jerome Dickey and the second book The Kept actually has a really interesting summary I figured why not for $5!  

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DIY Starbucks Protein or Cheese Box

So during my first month of “eating better” blah blah blah I have decided to also save coins by brewing my own Starbucks Ka’u Hawaiian roast coffee in the morning to avoid my Starbucks and Dunkin habit as well as mocking the Starbucks snack boxes. This saves me so much money and not to mention it really helps during your weight loss journey to stay consistent in your diet.

Some great lunch snacks to mock the Starbucks boxes are apples, cheese (e.g. gouda, mozzarella, cheddar, brie, etc.), whole wheat crackers, mini bagels, ritz crackers, almonds, peanuts, grapes, fruit and granola mix, peanut butter, a boiled egg, and carrots just to name a few ideas, oh a I have a greek yogurt and granola for breakfast. Here is my diy version which I also chose prosciutto and mozzarella which is delish (just needed wine). HA

  Here are a few great ideas I also spotted on Pinterest that were great ideas as well.

 This is the actual Starbucks snack box below.

Not only are the snacks to your liking most important for mocking the Starbucks box but you also need great utensils/tupperware for storing and toting your items. I have found some really great items some that I use myself and some I plan to purchase. A few online sites are rubbermaid.com, containerstore.com, and lunchbots.com

Here a few pics of the storage containers that would be great for your diy snack storage. 



 Good luck on healthy snacking and saving money for my fellow Starbucks feigns!!  #Starbucks #proteinbox #diy #healthy #snackideas #healthychoice #moneysaving